If you believe that your organization can represent added value for the Timro Group, by strengthening the joint service provision, then we are open for an initial meeting to discuss this. Contact us!

The Timro Group is a management company that acts as an umbrella for a number of operating companies. The Timro Group facilitates housing, machinery and a financial area for these group members.

Timro Group BV is always open to new members for the group, if experience and knowledge can be expanded within the branch through cooperation or acquisition of additional operating companies.

The objective of the Group is the broadening of its product range and growth of the expertise and production. This may be through improvement or expansion of production, through an increase of know-how or even by expanding the facilities at other locations.
By doing so, Matecs, W & TS and Staal Intermediairs Hagestein (SIH) are strong business partners for their clients.

For more information you can contact the owners of Timro Group BV, Wout and Harry Tims.